Just saying

Rollercoaster Ride

The first time I rode on a rollercoaster was the most fun, most terrifying time of my life. I remember getting in the seat and having that lap bar come down, my heart was racing. We started to pull out of the station and with every click up the hill my heart got higher and higher in my throat. Until finally we tilted over the edge. 

I threw my hands up and I screamed and I laughed, nothing will ever top that feeling, that rush. When the ride was over and my throat was scratchy; I realized I had forgotten all of that fear. 

I now know that life is a lot like that, we go up these hills that are torturous but once we get to the other side of that hill all of that worry was so worth it. 

There will be many ups and downs and probably a few loops that everyone will be thrown through, but just let go and ride. 

You’ll enjoy it a lot more. 



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