Good Days


I’m in a complete state of bliss, I’m at work and I’m doing great, I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I’m loving it. Hopefully I can make it last this time. 

Good Days


We have been together three years now and I love you more than I thought was possible. I am ready. Ready to finally let myself trust you one hundred percent. I will no longer dodge you asking if I’m ok, or forget to tell you about cancelling or making plans. I am ready to do everything in my power to make you feel as loved as you have me. 

I am ready. 

Good Days · Just saying

Sleeping While I Wait

I sit here most nights, watch my shows and type on my phone, you sleep, and man are you beautiful. I see you now and you’re the only thing left to give me hope. I need you around me, and while I definitely love you it scares the living shit out of me. You mean more to me than even myself. I have made some huge mistakes, I know, but we’ve made it through it all and I am so grateful. I love you babe and I can’t wait for you to wake up.